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Litigation is expensive, emotionally draining, and time-consuming and it takes business clients’ focus away from more productive activities.

We believe that running a business through litigation is the least efficient way for a client to run a business. With that in mind, litigation may sometimes be unavoidable, but when it arises our goal is to find a way to bring the matter to a resolution as soon as possible. One way to achieve a quick resolution is for the other side to know we are prepared to take the matter all the way to trial. We are experienced in taking matters to trial and this can encourage an adversary to think in terms of early resolution.

Michael J Buley
Michael J. Buley

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A majority of the cases which Buley Law APC handles involve business disputes, real estate matters, breach of contract, fraud, and general business litigation, although a portion of the practice has involved personal injury and professional malpractice.

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Buley Law APC handles both plaintiff and defense cases and our goal in every situation is to not just “win the case” but, more importantly, to solve the client’s problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Approach To Litigation

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Buley Law APC is staffed with seasoned litigation support counsel who have worked for years alongside Mr. Buley on various State and Federal, trial and appellate court matters.

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Business Litigation
Partnership Disputes
Business Dissolutions
Construction Defect
Contract Disputes
Economic Litigation
Elder Abuse
Probate Disputes
Professional Malpractice

Personal Injury

Real Estate Litigation

    • Specific Performance
    • Quiet Title
    • Equitable Title
    • Lease Disputes, Landlord-Tenant
    • Partition
    • Purchase and Sale Contract Disputes